The prep model



The PREP model has been designed to utilize best case practices for a successful reentry back to communities and to impact recidivism.  The PREP model is a new paradigm to change the way we incarcerate individuals leading up to release. 

The PREP reentry program is implemented away from and outside of general prison populations in a PREP provided secured residential treatment and occupational academy campus. PREP provides professional administrators and faculty, individualized case management, and personalized education and occupational pathways that lead to sustainable employment.. 

The program works in three phases. 

The first phase of the PREP program involves six months of an intensive, transformative curriculum that includes education, mental health and substance abuse therapies, life skills and employment preparation. Participants are provided daily behavioral modification classes coupled with PREP's provided employers, willing to train and hire, that provide on the job simulated training in a wide variety of industries, including Automotive, Healthcare, Construction, Hospitality, Culinary, Transportation, Warehouse, Technology, Media, Manufacturing, and Small Business Incubation.

In the second phase, a concentration on reintegration with family and community is emphasized. Each program participant is assigned a Mentor/Life Coach. While continuing with rehabilitation therapies during this second six-month period, the focus is on the job itself. Participants will start working and earning in a sustainable employed position.  

Phase three involves six months monitored early release into affordable housing. During this six month phase participants are in full time employment with a readily available continuum of social services. Post-release includes 36 months of monitoring, monthly meetings, and ongoing mentoring and support.

Throughout the entire program, PREP will continually be gathering and evaluating data on the program to maximize its effectiveness.

The infographic below demonstrates the process.

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 9.16.47 AM.png